Unable to demolish buildings in San Francisco, facades are replaced, repainted, or given face-lifts. This type of operation requires easy access to the building for worker’s while disrupting the flow of the foot traffic.

2 thoughts on “Overhead

  1. i came here from an article which shows this image in b/w with a gradient filter.
    are they both your output?
    the b/w seems to unify the scene and the gradient draws the eye to the center
    I have to admit i liked the b/w version better though they are both great
    I like how the yellow tape echoes the plank then you discover the guy in the hat in the foreground.

    • Yes they’re both mine. It was originally shot in color as you see here. I converted it to BW. I feel both treatments work well for different reasons. The color version really communicates the reality that exists, draws your eyes into the complicated intricacies of a moment in the city. Whereas the BW with the vignette creates a much more dramatic, surreal image focusing your eye on the man on scaffolding ramp.

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