Creative Quarterly #28 Calling

I recently received an email from Creative Quarterly magazine, “Congratulations, one or more of your entries in CQ28 is a winner. A complete list of winners is posted online and your winning entries will be published in the next issue of Creative Quarterly due out in Fall 2012.” What is so amazing about this great news is that all three images were shot with my iPhone. I bet you’re probably wondering why this should this matter, right? The fact of the matter is, with the acceptance of these images into such a prestigious magazine, it is proven that it does not matter what camera you use to create an image, or whether your image exhibits precise image quality for that matter. What truly matters is the story, the moment, that is captured and presented in the frame. Below are the three images that won a place in the fall issue.


3 thoughts on “Creative Quarterly #28 Calling

  1. You damn right 🙂
    One of the photo agencies I contribute to recently sent me an email motivating the rejection of a 100 something images already-fully-edited batch: Sorry man – they said – you shot ’em with a top of the notch last model point-and-shot which, we’re sorry to say, it’s not as kewl as any DSRLs – they also list 10 yo. cameras. Bang: my files hit the shut door.
    FYIO, they mainly sell to clients which reproduce 10″, sometimes 15″ prints. But, for some supposed quality comes before proven ideas and creativity.
    Wouldn’t a File Size and Quality Pricing System be more rewarding in terms of sales?

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