decoding the source

I am almost always shooting with my iPhone and 5D, editing video, telling stories as well as enjoying them. This blog is a place to post experiments, images I love, strange thoughts and other interesting things that I discover during my daily travels. If you like something you see, great. If you find something you hate, please share your thoughts. This place is like a crossroads where stories and ideas are exchanged, details discussed. Welcome.


12 thoughts on “decoding the source

    • Not much. I use camera+ as my main camera app to convert to BW or adjust color and picgrunger to add a frame. That’s it.

      • Nice. I like the simplicity of the one app processing. Been following you for a while and saw this NYTimes article today. Excellent idea. I don’t believe print is dead. Like you said, holding something in your hand is infinitely better than seeing it on a phone or ipad or whatever device. I’ve been holding back my book on my Cambodia adventure recently, and while I won’t be hiding it in places around town or anything like that, I think the article gave me the push I finally needed to just sort out the shots and get the thing printed. Thanks.


      • Tonio, thanks for the comment, and I am very happy the article inspired you. Liking forward to checking out your work.

      • i like the idea that i am not limited to expensive tech. my friends shoot top tier canons and nikons at tech edge resolution, etc., which is awesome. like u say, i can be fast and spontaneous and free! we are challenging the very definition of photography, and still arent taken seriously! but thats the strength,no?

  1. Love your book project! I’d love to do something based on the same idea of not having all of these images just laying around on the internet, and also giving people more of the tactile experience of books, paper, active engagement with the images, their flow, your expression of life.

    I heard of the project through the New York Times Lens Blog. They mentioned that you have an on-line printer for your books – would you mind sharing who that is, or tips for how you selected who you use?

    Thanks – may the adventure continue –

    • Hi Heidi. I’m glad you dig the project and are inspired by it. I use to produce my books. I considered many different options. But due to the fact that this project started as an experiment with only one funding source, my pocket, I had to find an inexpensive way to produce high quality paper back books.

      • Thanks, really appreciate the tip. I hear you about finding the balance of cost and quality – will look forward to trying I saw that you just finished another book – I want to go look for it! 🙂

        I may have missed it, but do you have any description of how many images you have in a book – and are they on a certain theme, or what you are inspired to put together?

        I’m doing some work with contemplative/sacred space writing and photography and see this as a great way to do a more accessible books/pieces than the traditional publishing format. Plus it helps enhance the “mystery and magic” by having people hunt for it and be involved in the experience of finding.


        Another fan,

  2. Dude, i’m a big fan of your work on IG. I’m putting together a subscribable list of great IGers on Facebook as a response to all the complaints that IG is ruining photography. i’d love to include you if you share photos there!

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