"With a Little Luck, And a Watchful Eye" at Apple Store, SF

Created using an iphone 4, this candid image
depicting San Francisco homeless, was quickly
created, processed and shared on the web without
any trouble.

Thursday August 5, I, along with 4 other presenters, will be showing images that I created using the iphone. Starting with an iphone 3G, armed with a small camera that was went everywhere with me I used the iphone to redefine the “snap shot” in my everyday life. I took pictures of everything. It quickly became prolific in nature. I was posting my images to facebook as fast as I was taking them. My iphone image gallery became a digital shoe box of snapshots, good and bad images. But I must admit, and others noticed it as well, the 3G camera had horrible quality. And then I discovered the camera app “hipstamatic” and I became addicted, and renewed my love for the square. As I became more prolific with my iphone I began receiving criticism from my peers, “do you use a real camera anymore?” “These images are nice but, they aren’t as nice as images mad with real cameras and film.” “But iphone is a real camera” I though. Why should I carry around my big heavy camera all the time when I have a camera in my pocket? I understood their argument, and continued to feel the frustration of the crappy quality. It would never match the quality of my 5D. But, hey, I had to remind myself that these were snapshots, not funded assignments. It was novel and I was happy with it. Then I bought an iphone 4. I was a late comer. Yes, I held on to the 3G until I just could not stand it anymore. The 4’s camera blew my mind. The quality was awesome the new apps available were awesome. I was hearing stories of people shooting professional quality work with the iphone, and I knew that my purchase well worth it. The quality of the images spoke for itself. I began using the iphone camera even more, shooting video, using apps. After a conversation with a friend I discovered a little trick. I loaded all of my old, worthwhile 3G images onto my iphone 4 and moved them thru multiple apps/filters to enhance what was there and transform them into something new. Yes, I know, novel. But it did seem to work. Some of the new apps like camera+ and blendcam, scratchcam, instagram really helped. I no longer really needed hipstamatic anymore. The app, though fun and novel, was extremely limiting compared to the others. One of the biggest issues was that images created using hipstamatic were permanently in that style, whereas the other programs allowed you to create “raw” images so to speak and then modify them without affecting the original. Awesome! Now adays hipstamatic is still on my iphone4. My iphone workflow now consists of running images thru multiple apps and sharing them across the web.
The iphone 4’s improved image quality and size has really helped me to redefine what photography can be, and where I can go with it. It is a storytelling tool that should not be brushed off, but should be embraced. Some photographers may feel threatened by it, “now everyone is photographer,or a photojournalist.” If you find yourself thinking this, let me remind you of something, it still is only a tool. Anyone can take a picture, but when paired with a trained eye beautiful images are created that speak volumes.

If you’re interested to see what people are doing with their iphones click the link below and come see for yourself.



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