Graffeats: Adventures in Dining

I love food. I love to cook and I love to eat. As a visual storyteller my passion for food drove me to search for a story about it. With so many stories already out there about food, and the people who craft it, I wanted to find something unique. And then one day I found it through an email update from one of the many free daily emailers.

Graffeats, underground dining? Now this sounds interesting. Mysterious, great food, strangers, in undisclosed locations? I knew this was a story to be told. I followed the link to graffeats web site, contacted Blair and made plans to tell the story of his event that has come to develop an occult following of all types of people young and old, who all have one thing in common, food.

Never heard of underground dining? Or have you heard of the concept and always wondered what its all about? You will shortly. So watch and learn, then go and eat.

GraffEats: Adventures in Dining from andre hermann on Vimeo.


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