Street Stylie Fashion Camera

checks & boots
Originally uploaded by shutter_se7en

Recently I received an email from 180 magazine, an AAU publication, looking for alumni to tell their stories—where are you now type stories, for an upcoming issue. I decided to respond in hopes to get a little more publicity for myself. What happened next was surprising. I received an email from the editor explaining that she had saw my homeless/street photography, and wanted me to shoot a street style fashion story for their upcoming Spring issue, circulated around the SF and distributed during NY Fashion week, at the NY fashion shows.

Here are the images I created for 180 Magazine. I hit the streets with a stylist, and a fashion journalist to document the street style fashions of the locals and tourists. Who’s wearing what, their fashion inspirations, and what they feel best wearing. I was asked to shoot details when appropriate. While editing my images I experimented with diptychs.

This has been a really fun assignment for me. I have met numerous interesting people and made some good contacts in the fashion department at AAU. Who ever thought I would be able to use my documentary skills to shoot fashion. Honestly, this assignment has inspired a whole new project for me. Keep an eye out for it in the near future.


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