Making It Happen

As the date grows closer to the opening of my gallery exhibit there have been many things to consider, and prepare. There will be 25 framed images presented in the gallery that needed frames. One big challenge was to figure out how to pay for these frames. Without a steady income, or much any income right now, this would be difficult. To solve this I spoke with different people in the EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa) community, and family to help donate to this cause.
It is a weird feeling to ask strangers for financial support to help with something like this, well, it was for me at least. Garrett’s parents mentioned a long time family friend who had helped financially in the past. They offered to speak with him on my behalf, in which they did without knowing exactly what I was in need of. I asked for his number or email address, and attempted to contact him myself. The email I sent him is below:

Hi Bill. My name is Andre Hermann. I am the documentary photographer who has been working with Garrett and his family for the last year-and-a-half to document their experience with EB. As you may already know from Jay Spaulding, The images that I have created while working with the Spauldings are going to be exhibited next month at a gallery in San Francisco. This is big news for Garrett, and EB. This will be one of many steps to place EB in the mass public eye, and raise awareness for a disease, that in my opinion should be receiving as much hype and care as any of the other serious debilitating diseases like cancer or diabetes. Honestly, because it’s a rare disease shouldn’t translate to no one caring except for the afflicted community.

This show is only the start. My overall goal is to make an attempt at a traveling gallery of images to help raise awareness in different cities. Bill, I need your help though. I do not have frames for the images. Unfortunately, I am lacking the budget to afford them.

Here is a link to what I need:

I will need 25 of these frames for the exhibit. I am hanging the show October 30-31

Bill, in exchange for your help, I will send you a hard bound copy of the 40 page photo book, ‘Garrett: The Boy Beneath The bandages’ which features over 60 images from 1.5 year project with Garrett.

If you haven’t already, i invite you to visit my web site to see the complete photo essay of Garrett & EB, click ‘portfolios’ and then ‘Garrett’

Thank you for your time, and consideration. And, if you know of any galleries in the LA, or Orange County areas that we could move this show to after San Francisco please let me know. Thanks.

I know this isn’t the best letter I have ever written, but it did the job. I received a phone call from Bill today stating that he received my email and wanted to help me. He wanted to chat with me first regarding what was needed and what the final cost was going to be. We finished our conversation, and a check was promised to be in the mail the next day.

My other challenge is to locate different galleries across the country that would be willing to exhibit this show, starting with Los Angeles. My goal is to get this exhibit traveling to help raise awareness for EB, and the importance and severity of rare diseases.

Boy, I feel like I am making more phone calls and writing more letters these days than I am shooting. I am also working to schedule a closing reception for the show near the end of November. More details to come.

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