Wound from the Center line

Recently I was at Von Renner Elementary School in Newman, CA. creating photographs that represent their mission statement. During P.E. the kids were playing a fast paced game of dodge ball. It brought back a lot of memories for me. I wish I could have played, but I was working. I positioned myself right in the heat of the game, at the center line. With my eye glued to the view finder I moved with each kid as they threw or caught the ball. Somehow I avoided being hit by the at ball. So I kept moving closer, attempting crazier angles to get that perfect shot. I was congratulating myself for not getting hit. And then it happened. “Crack” extreme pressure to my head and a jolt to the bridge of my nose. Somehow I didn’t let go of my camera. Everyone ‘awed’ as I stumbled off the court. Everything went dreamy and slow as I realized that I must have busted my nose when the ball hit the camera jamming it into the bridge. I felt my nose and saw no immediate blood coming out or at the point of impact. Then it started to flow from a nice cut across the bridge of my nose. I went to the nurses office and laid down putting ice on it. After the bleeding stopped, I went right back to work photographing the school. Everyone kept asking if I was OK. I bet I made for one hell of a dinner table story for the kid who hit me, who also happened to be the top dodge ball player of the school.


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