Day 1

My first day down. I have met all kinds of people who have fed me, and gave me coffee. It is unbelievably cold tonight. So far everyone has been pretty friendly towards me, a few really angry people who see me only as another camera, adding to their problems, and relocation.

After the sun went down headlights drove down the levee road. One of the campers here, who also works for loaves n fishes told me it was a group of college kids from a local church. They spend their own money to buy food and water, bringing it here to Hand out.

I have heard a lot of amazing stories today. Some believable and some that border on ridiculous. The majority of the people I have spoke to today are down on their luck, have lost their lives somewhere and want the opportunity to get back on their feet.

It Really is a sad state of affairs. Depressing. One kid I spoke to named ‘sparks’ was a roofer who got laid off. He found himself out here because he couldn’t afford rent anymore, nor could he go home. Him and his girlfriend shared a tent and recently broke up. Homeless life took it’s toll. When asked what his dream job would be if he could have it his way he said, join the army, and follow after his bro who is currently helping to defend his country.

This camp is broken up into four different neighborhoods. Two of which are run by ‘the mayor of tent city’ and another by ‘boyd.’ I have heard stories that they are both competing for the media attention. I am in Boyd’s camp. I have been warned about the mayor’s camp, the
rough side if town I guess.

But everyone seems to mind their own business. I also heard that this is the quiet time of the month here at tent city, everyone gets their ssi checks and check into hotels to get a taste of comfort.

That’s it for now.

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