Hide And Seek A Photobook Houston ON HOLD!

hide and seek houstonAfter moving to Houston, TX in February for a new job I decided to resume the hide-and-seek-a-photo-book project once more. I knew Houston would be a challenging place to hide books. By doing so it got me out of the house exploring the hidden gems around the greater Houston area. It also gave me an opportunity to get to know the people here. My biggest question was would anyone go out and find a book?

So far I have hidden 12 books. As of this writing all 12 have been found. Or are just gone from their hiding places.

Recently the PR department at HCCS heard about the project. They were really interested, wanted to do a feature about the project. They asked if I would mind postponing the project until late August when the fall semester starts up. This way they could broadcast it out to the returning students and faculty. I didn’t necessarily like the idea of stalling the project. But if this might help get more people interested then great. Unfortunately, this sucks for you. If more people are interested, more people will be out looking.

Please stay tuned the hide-and-seek-a-photo-book project will resume in late August. There 8 books left. I will announce it here, FB, and IG when the project goes live again.


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