Hide-And-Seek-A-Photobook Comes to Houston


Hey everyone. Since my last Hide-And-Seek-A-Photobook series in Los Angeles, I have moved to Houston, Texas. I was offered a full-time faculty position at Houston Community College teaching Photography. Now that my first semester is over and my family and I have settled in, it is time to bring the Hide-And-Seek-A-Photobook project to Houston. The latest series of books has been sent to the press. This means that in 10-days I will begin hiding a limited series of 20 signed & numbered, 40-page photo books featuring my street photography, around the Houston area, primarily the inner loop.

There are only 20 of these books. Once they are printed and signed. I destroy the pdf. This book will never be printed in this form or arrangement ever again.

If you’re unfamiliar with the project you can read here:

You can also here me talk about it on NPR here:


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