One last game of hide-and-seek. SF I love you

After six months of applying for full-time teaching positions all around the country, I was offered a great opportunity in Houston, Texas, in HCCS (Houston Community College System) as a full-time professor in the Digital Media Department.

I’ve lived in California nearly my whole life, and in the Bay Area for seven years now. I love San Francisco. I love the Bay Area. I am going to miss it, but knowing I have so many good friends to come back to visit with makes happy.

Enough of that lets get down to what this post is really about. Do you all remember my hide-and-seek-a-photobook project? If not, visit this link.

wood blocksAs I clean out my studio here in Alameda, I came across an old collection of my iPhone street images transferred onto birch blocks using the alcohol gel transfer process. One thing went through my mind. I want to leave the Bay Area with one last bang. I thought about selling the block prints, and I thought about giving them to friends. But then I thought, “What better way for me to say goodbye than with one game of hide-and-seek.”

So my dear friends, and strangers, here you go.

Starting today, Thursday, 01/23/2014 and ending next Thursday, 01/30/2014 I will be hiding a total of 20 of these unique block prints around San Francisco. These are truly one-of-a-kind prints. If you know anything of the gel-transfer process you will know that no two transfers are ever the same. Each block will be signed and numbered 1/1 on the back in pencil. All I ask is that you take a picture of your find and post on to Instagram, facebook, or right here on the blog, tagging me @shutter_se7en or Andre J. Hermann. This way I, and everyone else can know when they’ve been found.

When I hide a block I will publicly post across all of my social media, including this blog, a visual clue, and written clue to help you find it. These are going to go fast. So like I’ve said in the past, don’t someone else find yours.

So, with that I say Goodbye San Francisco. I love you. And hello Houston, Texas. I’m bringing the game to you.



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