Windows Phone Challenge, and shooting with a Nokia 920

Hi everyone. Recently I was given an amazing opportunity as Juxt(er),, to test a Windows phone, the Nokia 920 for Microsoft. It has really been a fun experience that has allowed me to really compare and contrast both phones, the i5 and the Nokia 920. I have been posting images across all my social networks with the gash tags #wpphoto, #nokia920. I will following up the experimentation with a brief review that can be found on Until then please read below. This will give you a better idea of what’s happening.

Mobile photography is taking the world by storm. The beauty of mobile photography is not just in the ability to take an image and post-process. It’s also about sharing and building community.

We Are Juxt is proud to officially announce our participation in the Windows Phone Challenge, using Microsoft’s flagship Nokia Lumia series (920) – voted Smartphone of the Year in 2012 by Engadget Readers.

Through this program, a handful of Juxt(er)s (for now) will be putting their iPhones down for 8 days and shooting exclusively with the 920 and providing tips and techniques for Windows Phone users to achieve added value in the photographs they take. Juxt(er)s will also be playing around with the apps available in the Windows Phone Store and sharing their thoughts with the community. It’s a great challenge and we look forward to sharing our results with you.

As of now, Instagram has not supported the Windows Phone artists on their platform. A 3rd party app called Itsdagram has enabled WP artists to join the community. We Are Juxt welcomes them as we did with Droid users to the community.

Be on the lookout for your chance to participate in this challenge. Microsoft and We Are Juxt will be holding a contest for a chance to win their flagship phone.

Our photos will be tagged #wearejuxt #wpphoto on Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, and other social networks.

As always we thank you all for the support, participation, and community! We want to include all photographers and artists regardless of their device. This is part of this initiative.



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