Find a book tonight!

Three books have been hidden and found so far in the Silverlake area of LA. With 27 books left to be hid before Sunday, you can image that I have a lot of work on my hands.

Because there is no theme behind the LA book series like there was for the NYC book series, I have a little more freedom as to where and how I can hide your books.

With that in mind, come to opening of the first annual Instagram Jam tonight at the LA Graffiti House. (See the attached flyer.) I’m planning on hiding a number of books at the show. So don’t miss out.

Hints will be posted later. Until then here’s a little advice:

Follow me on Instagram @shutter_se7en to get the hints first.

Hints are posted to IG first and then blasted out through twitter, FB, Flickr, and this blog.

So stay tuned. And I hope to see you tonight.




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