NYC Book #20

Thank you very much to Ed Kashi for suggesting this profound, and often forgotten street photographer.

Roy DeCarava became one of the most important photographers of his generation, 20th century by chronicling the lives of harlem’s ordinary people and its jazz giants.

Here’s the article:

“I do not want a documentary or sociological statement,” he wrote in his application for a Guggenheim Fellowship, which he won in 1952, becoming the first black photographer to do so. His goal, he explained, was “a creative expression, the kind of penetrating insight and understanding of Negroes which I believe only a Negro photographer can interpret.”

The book is hidden at the corner of 125 street and Malcolm X blvd. find the mini billboard advertising “elementary.” otherwise stand at the corner face the south find the steep church steeple follow it down to the billboard/subway entrance. You’ll see a trash can. Right behind it stashed between metal is your book.


2 thoughts on “NYC Book #20

    • Man! No problem! Thank you for finding it. I hope you enjoyed a little of Harlem. It was my first time in west Harlem

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