NYC book #18

Ok. So for book #18 I explained the importance of DUMBO in Brooklyn. I love the vibe of this place so much that I hid another book here right near the manhattan bridge. No new history lesson, no people, just some amazing afternoon light. And a free book.

Find the corner of John & Adams street in Brooklyn. Walk up to the black, curved guard rail that overlooks a little beach and the bridge. Now look for a big gap in the wood barrier. Just look through the plants. You’ll see what I’m talking about. Once you find that gap look to the left to find your book stashed near a large beam of wood. The book is disguised so don’t be fooled.


3 thoughts on “NYC book #18

  1. So sad if no one has found this book yet. I’ve come back to check and admire this photo several times now. If I had been in New York, this is the one I would have wanted to find. Perhaps someone has found it but hasn’t come forward. That’s an intriguing aspect of this project.

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