NYC book #17

Brooklyn is a photographically significant place not because of any one photographer but because of what’s currently happening there. With the street of DUMBO you will find two places that I highly suggest you visit. Whats so historical about listing modern day locations you ask, especially when up to this point I’ve been referencing photographers from the past, you may ask. These two places are making history by helping photography continue to thrive.

The places are: the gallery/office of the photo agency VII, one of the top 3 photo journalism & documentary photo agencies in the world, yes very similar to Magnum. If you go there after finding the book show them the book and tell them about this post.

The second location is powerhouse arena/bookstore in DUMBO. They have published books about the very photographers I’ve listed here. They also have a great gallery.

Ok, now on to the book. Find the granite steps that I sat on along the waterfront to create this image in Brooklyn bridge park. Reach the top and take in this amazing view. Sit to your far left top step. There you’ll find your disguised book. Good luck and log it here.


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