NYC Book #16

Frank Oscar Larson was a VP of a manhattan bank. In his spare time he was an avid street photographer in the late 40s shooting all around NYC. He had favorite areas the Bowery, Chinatown, and times square. As much as I would love to hide a book, and have been tempted to do so, just don’t think I can risk hiding one times square. Sorry.

So here I am in the east village. This book is tricky so please follow my directions carefully. Walk down east 3rd from A headed toward B ave on the left hand side. You will see a light post with a missing access hatch. Your book is hiding in there slightly disguised. I quickly stashed it which left the envelope slightly exposed. Though I don’t think anyone will notice. Get here quick and claim your book. Any wandering, curious could catch this one.

Please log your find here.



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