NYC book #12

Ok, the third book in Coney Island. I’m at Nathan’s hotdog stand. Love these things.

This book is dedicated to Robert Frank and his Americans. But there’s another Robert Frank that not many people new about. Again, pulled from the lens blog, read it here:

robert Frank,
1958“New York Is” began as an ad campaign, and the book was distributed in 1959, showcasing two dozen of Mr. Frank’s pictures alongside snappy, boosterish captions. While the book has long been known in scholarly and rare-book circles, where copies now change hands for several thousand dollars, the prints, negatives and contact sheets Mr. Frank made for the project were long thought to have been lost amid shuffles of storage rooms and picture archives at The New York Times.

Across the street from Nathan’s is a large white wall. Find the phone booth next. There’s a sunglasses vendor next to it at the moment. Hidden above the plexiglass in the photo booth is your disguised book. Good luck and log it here.



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