NYC book #11

This blog info listed below was taken directly from the lens blog about andy Levin

Coney Island was also a place where Mr. Levin could take the kind of chances as a growing artist that he couldn’t afford to take on assignment for Life and People. “It was a place for me to test out ideas,” he said. “What I’d do is go out on my own time and experiment and feel free to make a mistake.” It was an hour each way on the F train.

Where coney island ave meets the boardwalk you’ll fund a lifeguard station. Just to left of that is a blue shower/restroom facility on the beach. Wal down the first ramp to the left of the lifeguard station. Walk around the blue building at the 4th patch of weeds along the wall you’ll find your book in disguise.

Please find it fast. It is right out in the open. It may not be there for long.

Log it here when you find it.



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