NYC book #2

Book #2, Columbus park, once part of the five points neighborhood considered one of the poorest, and most dangerous of the NY slums throughout the turn of the 20th century. Photojournalist/ muckraker jacob Riis who frequently traveled with police through the slums created the image, bandit’s roost, in an alley off of mulberry street.

Columbus park is a fairly big park. This book is going to be tricky so please pay close attention.

Find the part of the part of the park with the temple looking structure. You’ll know you’re in the right place the locals are playing cards. Walk south along the easy path headed towards the basketball courts and playground. Find the bamboo patch that has to rings of grey duct tape wrapped around it. Have a seat in the short middle rock. Lean back slightly and look left and down. The book is disguised. Good luck.

Please post here when you find it.



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