NYC book #1


Hi NYC. I am so happy to be here hiding books. Be prepared to go on a photographic journey. I realized knowing nothing of the city I needed a game plan. Each book will be hidden near a place of historical photographic significance. So let’s get on with it.

Book #1 is hidden near Eugene Smith’s fabled jazz loft, 821 Sixth Avenue, New York City, near the corner of Twenty-eighth Street, the heart of Manhattan’s wholesale flower district. In the late 50s early 60s he moved into this loft and began photographing, and creating audio recordings, of once unknown now immortal jazz musicians.

When you get to the corner of 28th and 6th find this plastered wall. Look beneath the green book, and you’ll have your book.

Hint: all is not what it seems.

Good luck and please log your find here.

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