Book #17

Stand here outside hamburger eyes in lilac alley and look to your right. The stickers mark the spot. Please log your find here.

Note: if you’ve never heard of hamburger eyes maybe you should check’um out, and show them what’s being hidden outside their door.



5 thoughts on “Book #17

  1. I went around 7:15pm tonight and ended up looking with another guy for it but no luck. I think it’s already been found. Have you heard anything? Thanks so much for this though as I have grown up in the city and never been to this alley! Great artwork and ended speaking to people I wouldn’t of.

    • No word yet. Though, don’t be deceived by its outward appearance. It may be hiding in a folded up newspaper in the weeds near all those stickers by that red door.

  2. I had trouble finding it. I found a paper to help me dig through the weeds. I gave up and threw the paper. ‘Lo and behold #17! Thanks!

    • Congratulations man! Most people are deceived by its exterior. Don’t worry you weren’t the first. Im starting to realize most people are expecting a hard bound book. Surprise. I hope you enjoy it!

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