Street Phoneography Manifesto

  1. The camera phone is a real camera. It makes no difference what tool you use, the important part is what you fill the frame with
  2. Snapshots are not lazy. They are the unguarded moments of our mind’s eye before the cloak of self doubt and edit reel us in
  3. Everything is a worthy subject
  4. Look up, a lot
  5. If you miss a moment be patient it may just turn around and come back at you.
  6. Let the moment come to you. Street phoneography doesn’t mean you always have to be moving.
  7. Take pictures that inspire emotion
  8. Make eye contact through the digital view finder
  9. Disappear behind your phone. No one is going to see you unless you want them to
  10. Asking for permission to take a photo is manipulating the moment
  11. Honor your subject, know when and when not to publish an image
  12. Avoid shooting the backs of heads, unless there’s a story written there
  13. Title all of your images, “untitled” as a title doesn’t count
  14. Photo apps and filters are fads. Choose and use them wisely
  15. Post images regularly
  16. Edit. Don’t post everything
  17. Print your images
  18. The like button is a crime unless a meaningful dialogue isn’t initiated
  19. Whether you like or dislike an image explain
  20. Respond to all your comments. It proves your grounded, and promotes conversation.
  21. Inspire a movement with your images
  22. The story is all we have, and everyone has one

2 thoughts on “Street Phoneography Manifesto

  1. This is like the best post ever! I have been doing photography for about 6 years now and I have been self taught through the entire process of becoming a good photographer. I love posts like this because it’s real and necessary information. I am trying to start a small local business now and I am glad I ran across your work and this post. Thank you!

  2. Really interesting manifesto. Some really strong points. I especially like 7. I heard someone say the other day that good photography has to 1) be surprising; 2) be well executed and 3) emote (ie your point 7). Also 1 and 12. But, wow!, couldn’t disagree more with 14. Phone apps are the wild west of photography. They allow you to realise your vision if you can master them. I sometimes wonder if some phoneography people (like that term also!) feel they won’t be taken seriously by big camera people if they use apps. Anyway, great to find you here (and on IG): I was tipped off by my good friend @ikebana_jen.

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