Review of the Olloclip for the iPhone4

I am an avid iPhone shooter. Naturally, it goes everywhere with me. It is my phone after all. I have been on many Instagram photo walks where people had various lens accessories for their phone. At one point my wife had also given me a set of novelty lenses that attached to my iPhone 3G via a little metal ring backed by adhesive. This is where I discovered one of many problems with these accessory lenses. As an iPhone street shooter, the less obvious I appear to be the more authentic my moments. Attaching a lens to my iPhone immediately advertises that my phone is being utilized far beyond just a phone, texting, etc. A lens attached to your phone advertises an intent to shoot. Essentially, I would have no need for a lens like this.

I acquired an olloclip lens system after submitting an image I had created during world instameet day to a contest held by the folks at Sincerely, makers of the postagram. To my surprise my image was one of the 3 chosen worldwide to win an Olloclip iPhone lens. You can imagine how excited. Ya, pretty damn, excited.

I received the lens shortly after. Like a kid Christmas morning I tore into that package excited to try my new toy out. Right out of the package the Olloclip is a beautiful accessory. It is made to mount your iPhone sitting on the corner over the camera. There are two lenses mounted on either side of the mount. One lens is a fish eye and on the other side of the body is a macro lens. Initially I felt thedesign of this lens system was clean and well thought out, until I attempted to mount it to my phone. The reality of it’s poor design clearly presented itself.

The first issue I experienced with the Olloclip was that unfortunately, due to it’s design, I had to remove my custom made protective cover. Ok, not so bad. Some people carry a naked iPhone. I understand that. After removing my cover I mounted the Olloclip to my phone. To my surprise the clear protective film that protects the face of my phone buckled and crumpled. All of that hard work to apply a clear, scratch resistant cover without air bubbles just went down the drain. I left my screen protector crumpled briefly to test the lenses quickly removing it to salvage my clear cover.

Aside from the quality of the lenses and sexiness of the design these week points turned me off from the Olloclip. I realized that if I was shooting anything else aside from street this lens system would be great. But I just couldn’t get over sacrificing my protective covering to use a lens. In conclusion, the Olloclip is a great lens system for the iPhone user who has a naked iPhone, or can see past removing their protective features to accommodate a lens. For me, I returned the Olloclip to its nice protective pouch on my bookshelf. I will continue to use the unobtrusive native camera of the iPhone 4


2 thoughts on “Review of the Olloclip for the iPhone4

  1. I use an Olloclip as well. I typically use it when I am traveling or out shooting iPhoneography intentionally. Taking off the protective cover is certainly cumbersome.

  2. thanks for posting this i was wanting to get this lens but had never thought about having to move my hard cover to accommodate. hmmm…

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