A Juice box for my thirsty iPhone.

Mophie juice pack is the perfect companion for the iPhone street photographer who is constantly on the move, and may find themselves low on juice and without a power outlet to plug into.

As an iPhone street photographer who is always snapping images you can only imagine that I run out of juice very quickly. Too often I have found myself pulling my hair out  from missing amazing moments due to a dead battery, or that I couldn’t find  a plug or forgot my cord. During a photo walk with the EastbayIGers, my friend @david_baer introduced me to an amazing little device, the Mophie juice pack. This little device is about the same size as an iPhone and holds enough back-up power to completely charge your phone 2-times over, or any other USB enabled device like your iPad. Another amazing feature of the Mophie juice pack is that my buddy was able to share it with me and a few other people at the table who needed a quick power up. And quick it was once you plug your iPhone to the juice pack it quickly recharged my phone. I wasted no time in going out and getting one. I took it with me on the recent IGersSF walk and sure enough when my iPhone died it powered right back up in the same time it took me to down a beer, and lets just say I don’t nurse my drinks. 

Yes, in the end an amazing device, that has saved me from frustration of a dead phone. But, depending how you view them, there are a few minor negatives to this device, an $80 price tag, I purchased mine from amazon.com for $53. You cannot charge the juice pack and the iPhone simultaneously, i.e., the juice pack plugged into the wall charging with the iPhone plugged into the juice pack. It can’t work as a bridge. and, its an additional item to carry in your pocket. But for me, the juice pack is small enough to fit in my shirt pocket, or any pocket for that matter. I can even snap images while its charging my phone. Definitely one of the best $53 I ever spent.

2 thoughts on “A Juice box for my thirsty iPhone.

  1. great share, thanks! I know android has a super battery that they just came out with not too long ago & i was wondering if apple had anything similar; I guess this will suffice for now…

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