Book #3

At a less frequented intersection in San Francisco rises a black metal stairwell that hides a secret. Look closely your book is hidden up between rock and a hard place. (no pun intended). Please post your find here.



9 thoughts on “Book #3

  1. Cool project! We were down there for half an hour looking, but couldn’t find the book… so someone else probably beat us to it.

  2. Cool project! We spent about half an hour this morning looking for this copy, but couldn’t find it… so chances are someone grabbed it and didn’t drop a note on the blog.

    Hope to catch another copy in the future.

  3. Hi everyone. Book #3 is still hidden. It is a slightly more difficult book to find. Here’s another hint: “You have to reach for it near the stones under the stairs pictured in the clue. If you’re short this may be a challenge.

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