You wanted it! Now go find it!

Hi everyone. Here it is. You’ve all been asking when I was going to publish a book, and now I have it for you. I have produced (20) 20-page photo books featuring my iPhone street photography. Each book will be signed and numbered. These are 20 unique books. The pdf will be destroyed and this format of book will never be printed again. Yes, you will have a special limited edition. Now here’s the trick. You’re wondering how do I get one of these books, right? You have to go out and find them. Every few days I will post a visual clue here on my blog with a hint as to where each book can be found. All 20 will be hid within the city of San Francisco. VERY IMPORTANT: WHEN YOU FIND ONE OF THE BOOKS PLEASE COMMENT ON THAT DAYS BLOG ENTRY WITH YOUR NAME AND WHERE YOU FOUND IT. It will be much appreciated, and will let everyone know that it has been found. And I won’t get swamped with the people wondering why they can’t find it. So stay posted and check back frequently. The first book is about to go out.




5 thoughts on “You wanted it! Now go find it!

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