Steamboy and his dad emerge from a rupture pipe

This type of moment reminds me of why I love living in San Francisco. My office is downtown and I teach at  two different buildings that I walk back and forth from. One rainy morning headed to class I saw big billows of steam rising from the street a block away. It was along my route so I knew I would have a chance to investigate. A steam pipe underground had rupture. People were moving about their business. I knew someone was going to walk through the steam, and I knew I wanted that moment. I stood and waited snapping frame after frame of different people passing by. I knew people would e coming but I could not see them coming. And Then I saw a hint of an umbrella. This was my chance. I knew I had to take it. I started walking and this is the moment I saw. This was such a beautiful moment I really didn’t want to ruin it with a multitude of filters. I only used the pinhole effect in camera+.


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