An Oakland Chinatown passerby

During the EastbayIGers instameetup this past Sunday we walked through Chinatown and the Lake Merritt swap meet. I always love exploring Chinatown. This was my first time exploring the Oakland neighborhood. I found people in this community to be much more friendlier to photographers than it’s San Francisco sister. Though, I was walking around with my 2-year old daughter in tow so maybe that helped distract some people from what I was up to. Either way, no one really seemed to care I was there. They just flowed around me. I really like when that happens. At one point when I stopped on the outer perimeter of a produce market I decided  to wait to see who might cross my sites. One woman caught my attention. She was meandering through the produce, maybe out for a morning stroll. The apps I used for this image were: camera+, scratchcam, pic grunger.


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