timelapse of a rare drive to work

This weekend I began experimenting with creating timelapse videos with the iPhone 4. I first tried a free app, FXF by Joby, yes, the people who make the gorilla pod. It worked fairly well but did not include any tools to play the images a s a video or export to the web. I had to download the images to my computer and use QT7 to create the sequence. More importantly though, is the app I purchased for $1.99 that not only utilized a good intervalometer software but also allowed me produce the images into a video, choose the image quality, final output size and share across the web right from my iPhone. iTimeLapse isa pretty amazing app. I was very happy to use it. Reliable and worth the $1.99. The only problem I have with the app is that you cannot import images into the app to create a timelapse sequence. It will only use the images created within the app.

This morning’s commute into San Francisco was a rare event for me. I usually take the BART. With looming traffic at the toll booths of the Bay Bridge I decided to test iTimeLapse and see what it could do. With the left hand on the wheel and iPhone in the right I used the steering wheel to help keep the phone steady. It actually worked out pretty well. I only wish I would have started the sequence from my driveway.



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