The Less Used Grunge Filter

I’ve spent the last three years exploring the Sacramento Delta region creating images that captured the obscure beauty of this misunderstood, and often forgotten area that exist just over the hills from the Bay area. During my most recent trip out there I decided to create an experimental fine art series of images using various apps on the iphone 4. I wanted to see just if I could create images that were still recognizable thru a combination of poor image quality, noise and computer generated crud. I like the result. I only wish I have created more.

If you want to see the high quality images created with a Canon 5D MKII, and a tripod please the gallery “Somewhere Else In California”


2 thoughts on “The Less Used Grunge Filter

  1. Hey Andre, I really like this series. The use of the grunge filters was a nice choice, I feel like I’m looking through a box of jacked up old photos discovered at the flea market.

    The iphone4 image quality is too high for this series, haha, jk.

  2. I enjoy these photos a lot. I am personally drawn to abandoned places and the filter gives depth to the subject matter. These photos are great without the filter but with it, gives a sense of history and eeriness. I especially enjoy the cooking stove and the TV image.

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