The iPhone Meets Its Ancestor

iphone cyanotypes from andre hermann on Vimeo.

Everyone has an iphone these days, or some other form of smart phone. With this exciting and dynamic technology we are all equipment with tiny cameras in the palm of our hands that can do some amazing things. But what happens to all of these images we are creating? If we don’t print them they remain data, 0s and 1s trapped in our phone. They don’t truly exist until we print them. By using an historical process to print my images created with an iphone my intention is to challenge people’s perception of just what photography has become, and what it it still is.


One thought on “The iPhone Meets Its Ancestor

  1. I love my 5D Mark II, but it says,”I’m a camera!!” too loudly in some situations. In such cases, I use my iPhone camera, too. I don’t have the newest one, but it still captures very good images. I love cell phone photography. I’ve never printed my cell phone images, so I would like to try it. Thank you for sharing a great story!

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