I Carry My Eye In My Hand

The iPhone as you all may know is an amazing device. Yes, it has a camera, not that great, but good.  With the multitude of apps out there have you ever explored just what its capable of doing? Pushed this little device beyond snapshots and random pointed video? I did. Using the apps camera+, scratchcam, and montage, I took iphoneography to different, yet familiar place. As I posted these images on instagram many people would ask how I did it, “what apps did you use?” I kept it secret for awhile to allow myself to create an interesting series. I let the secret out. I am actually very open with what apps I use I just don’t share how I use the apps, my magic mix so-to-speak. Anyone who has explored creating images likes this will know that it can be tedious, requiring creating all of the images in one place quickly and the patience of piecing them together. I have loved this style since I was first introduced to David Hockney’s Pearblossom Highway image many years ago. I’m including a gallery of all the images below as well. Enjoy.



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