A Long Road To Walk

Some time has passed since Garrett came out of surgery to have his ankles corrected. With the scary, uncertainty of surgery past, the next step in the process is recovery and physical therapy. Though Garrett knows how to walk, he has to learn how to walk properly, flat on his feet. Prior to the procedure he was walking on the tips of his toes, later digressing to a wheel chair dependency that would aid in the atrophy of his ankle muscles, and tendons. The road that Garrett must now walk is not going to be an easy one. It is a path that requires careful navigation. There are bad habits that must be maneuvered and broken (always wanting to place his leg in the air), many, many hours of physical therapy, and of course the normal, expected, and unexpected physical side affects that EB brings to the mix as well. So begins the next chapter in the life of Garrett, the boy beneath the bandages.

2 thoughts on “A Long Road To Walk

  1. What amazing strength the family has- and what strength and courage Garrett has to face each day with the uncertainty it brings and the certainty of the pain and discomfort. The images you have captured are so heart wrenching and moving… Words cannot express or imagine what they experience. Thank you for putting their emotions into pictures what words cannot describe.

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