Pre-Operation Appointment

The nurse practitioner examines the movement

and flexibility Garrett’s ankles. Because of
lack of use, his achilles tendons have froze
and need to be released so his feet can be

straightened again allowing him to walk again.

Garrett recently had his pre-surgery appointment, an opportunity for both him and his parents to ask questions or voice any concerns regarding the procedure. Due to the nonuse of his feet due to pain and discomfort, and reliance on a wheel chair, Garrett’s muscles and tendons have froze into a ballerina toe type position. Garrett will be having a surgery in which small notches will be cut in his achilles tendons to allow the doctor to stretch his tendons out and straighten his ankles. He will be in casts for 6-8 weeks to allow the tendons to heal without snapping back into the old position. Due to nature of his disease, EB, he will have to have the cast removed every two weeks to allow his mom to change his bandages. New casts will then be set over the bandages.

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