Honorable Mention Isn’t Too Bad

Here’s the story behind the image that took honorable mention in the Digital Photo Pro 4th Annual Emerging Photo Pro contest:

After my wife’s water broke 9 weeks early my daughter, Wren, was born May 4, 2010, 8-weeks early. From the first day we checked into the hospital I knew that I would be visually documenting our experience. As a visual storyteller I had to. Not wanting to carry any of my heavier gear in what could be tight quarters I decided to only shoot with my Canon G10. I wanted the silent shutter and the versatility of a smaller camera. In essence, my goal was to document every aspect of this experience, telling our story, and still be an active participant in the birth of my daughter.
            Wren was in a breach position and born via Caesarean . Immediately after being removed she was taken across the room, I was invited to follow, to a heating station and placed in a bag to help retain her moisture and body heat, and to help aid in ventilation while her nose and mouth were suctioned for any blockage. I was photographing with both eyes open, one eye watching through the viewfinder, the other through an eye watching my new daughter trying to breathe life. A tiny facemask was then placed over her face. While one nurse held the mask in place another nurse used her finger as a flange to create small puffs of incoming air from a hose to help get Wren breathing. As I saw the hands converge on my daughter’s face, seeing only a portion of her small body in a bag, I released the shutter, capturing the drama of the moment, the architecture of the struggle happening right in front of me. An image that I will share with my daughter when she is old enough to understand.



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