A Girl And Her BooBoos

 My daughter Wren was born with three strawberry Hemangiomas. All three were flat red spots at first and then began growing. The one on her head and right side remained small. The one on her left side near her arm pit continued to grow into a large tumorous looking blob. We were first told not to worry about it, they would go away on their own. We put our trust in this statement. As Wren continued to grow so did her left Hemangioma. Not only did it grow, it began ulcerate, bleed, and soon became infected. It was very clear that this growth was causing Wren pain. she would guard the area with her left arm, and had to be handled carefully. Even the slightest bump would cause pain. Once it began ulcerating and bleeding we had to find a way to wrap this area to protect from infection and to protect the area from sticking to her clothes. Luckily a good friend of mine who’s child has EB gave me some of her mepilex transfer and aquaphor to help cover the area. This brought back many memories of documenting Garrett Spaulding and EB. Even though my daughter doesn’t have EB, here I am treating her wound as if it was. Two bandage changes a day was tough. Hearing her painful cry and knowing that I’m causing it was really tough to bear. I know it was no where even close to Garrett’s experience. But man this sucked! We had a light at the end of the tunnel with surgery. People with EB have to suffer with this everyday without any hope for a cure. Even though this was a brief experience it gave me a very realistic view of what living with EB might be like. Her surgery went well, and her scar is almost invisible. She is a much happier baby. 


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