Drowned In A Sea Of Foam

October 22, 2008, on the 880 freeway in Oakland a diesel truck exploded into flames causing the closure of the entire northbound 880. The accident happened right near the Cotton Mill lofts where I was living at the time. I received a phone call tip from my instructor at the time, Fred Larson. I grabbed my camera and walked the train tracks out to gain access to the freeway. As I walked through the front line a CHP officer looked at me and went back to his business. I walked to the center divider and continued to shot a few frames and moved closer. I’ve always believed that if you act like you’re supposed to be somewhere no one will question your presence. This situation would prove my point. I walked all the way up to within a few hundred feet of the burning tanker without being bothered. I photographed the whole event. And when the fire was finally put out I hung around to continue photographing the aftermath. What you see here is the remains of the diesel tanker in a sea of foam. Because it was a diesel spill/fire, a special foam spraying firefighting vehicle was called in from Oakland International Airport to fight the fire. See more images here:

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