My two favorite ladies

Wren Louise Hermann was supposed to be born June 27, 2010. Due to unknown complications Kiersten’s water broke 9 weeks early. The plan was to attempt to keep the baby in the womb until 34 weeks which then the baby would be delivered by c-section, due to the baby’s breach position. One week later Kiersten woke up to an urge to go #2, experiencing a weird feeling, she looked down to see a white sack coming out of her vagina, the water sack, and what later an ultrasound would reveal was Wren’s leg in the birth canal. Within an hour she was prepped for surgery. Wren was born May 4, 2010, around 10:30 am, 8 weeks early, weighing 3.5 pounds, and 15.5 inches long.
These images document the whole process from the night we checked in, to Wren current development and growth in the NICU. She was born healthy, no problems. She is progressing beautifully, and is scheduled to be discharged in 3 weeks.

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