washington Packing Corp. (A.K.A. Tie’s Warehouse)

The Washington Packing Corp. Building (A.K.A. Tie’s Warehouse) from andre hermann on Vimeo.

This was one of my most favorite abandoned buildings in San Francisco before it was demolished late last year. When I first moved up to San francisco at the end of 2006, this was the first abandoned building to catch my attention. I would photograph it for the next 3 years.

Originally built in the 1930s it was used as a rice processing and storage warehouse. It experienced a serious of fires that would nearly destroy the building over the years. In 1963 The Washington Packing Corporation bought the building and overhauled/updated it to become the country’s first of it’s kind high-tech tuna canning facility. The facility was literally open for only a few months when a botulism scare originating from cans of tuna coming from this cannery killed two women in the midwest. The cannery was temporarily shut down while an investigation was conducted to find the cause of the contamination. The cannery would never reopen. All cans of tuna marked with a code designating this cannery were gathered from all over the bay area and other regions around the country. 1.5 million cans of the contaminated tuna from the bay area would be buried in a land fill that is now Monster Park.

In 1970 the property was acquired by the State of California. Adding injury to insult, the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake would cause serious damage to this building, literally causing the building to crack in half. It would sit abandoned, used only by graffiti artists, urban explorers, the homeless and metal thieves until it’s demolition.

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