Jim Nachtwey Set 5 & 6 proof sheets & scanned journal entry

This document is a collection of my digital proof sheets, and scanned pages from my field journal during my directed study with Jim Nachtwey, Spring, 2009. These journal pages are duplicates from the last set. i realized the critique for these images were written on the previous set’s pages as well. But, continue reading below. I have an excerpt from my field journal regarding Jim.

Journal excerpt: I have not spoke with JIm for over a month. He told he was headed to Afghanistan for two weeks. Three weeks after his anticipated return I received an e-mail from him stating that we needed to reconnect….. We need to get back on the ball, the work is backing up and will take a while to go over. I’m not worried. He’s the type of guy who will make-up the time.

Jim Nachtwey Set 5 & 6 Proof sheets and journal pages


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