Jim Nachtwey Set 4 proof sheets & scanned journal entry

I realized with these entries I have been focusing on the critiques. Part of this experience for you, the reader, is to also be aware of the event that is captured in these proof sheets. This set of proof sheets is made o two events. The first is a 12-hour clinic day for Garrett and his mom. He would spend the day seeing four different doctors. The images here document the setting of an IV for Garrett’s iron infusion, and the process of the infusion itself which took place in a hospital room. The last proof sheet: I followed Garret and his family to the Shark Tank in San Jose to watch a morning Shark’s practice. A couple of the players met Garret and gave him a signed puck, stick, and jersey.  

This document is a collection of my digital proof sheets, and scanned pages from my field journal, week 4 of my directed study with Jim Nachtwey, Spring semester 2009.  Because of the number of images in this edit the critique moved fairly quickly. each image has been critiqued with notes for each.

Read the journal pages—my decompression from the 3-hour phone call. It explains in more detail what we discussed. Click ‘full screen’ to see hi-res detail.

Jim Nachtwey Set 4 proof sheets & journal entry


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