Jim Nachtwey Directed study 1-31-09

Excerpt from field journal: I followed Garrett and his family to a basketball game, Garrett’s brother was playing. The following is Jim’s crit of the series.

frame 4266: is perfect, well composed, strong moment. You can see how focused Garrett is on watching his players. This a really good defining moment for who Garrett is, and his connection to sports.
frame 4269: is incomplete. It would have been a great photo if I would have pulled out a little further.
frame 4302: was a good attempt but the court is empty. The problem I face here was that to get players in the court would mean we can’t see Garrett’s face.
frame 4436: is a complete strong photo, but isn’t. Its another example of a how a tighter crop would have strengthened the photo. Jim suggests cropping the boy in the foreground out. Or, burn him down.
frame 4441: better image than 4436. Crop or burn the boy down in the foreground.
    Jim didn’t comment on the last 7 images. We were running out of time. In the end for this session, Jim’s opinion is that I’m capturing moments, but not using my eye well enough yet. He said it appears as though I’m shooting video, not stills. I’m great at capturing moments, which are a driving force in video, but my compositions need work. Though he said this could be a style. Sloppy composition backed by incredible moments.
    We also discussed paying attention to distracting elements in the backgrounds, composing the moment when it happens with the background to raise it from ordinary to poignant, clean, and powerful. More of this will be discussed later.


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