GraffEats-Valentines Dinner And A Flick 2/14/2010

Sunday afternoon, in a less than desirable part of San Francisco, food, supplies and equipment are unloaded from a car and rolled into an old converted Tenderloin theater. A person stands guard at the door allowing the carts to be wheeled in and out unrestricted. Otherwise the door remains locked. Wheeled to the back of the building in a small space carts are unloaded as a make shift kitchen is constructed quickly, and containers organized. People are moving very quickly preparing for tonight’s event, Graffeats Valentines Dinner and A Flick. The concept: A 5-course meal paired with 5 short films. When Blair explained how crazy it is to plan and execute this sold out event I had no idea until I watched it unfold first hand.

After the 100 diners were all present and seated the room went silent and Blair Warsham, chef and creator of Graffeats, and Clint Davies, guest chef for the evening, welcomed the group and made introductions. Quickly disappearing into the kitchen that was already a torrent of fast moving bodies preparing and plating food in very tight quarters, the two chefs leave their guests to prepare for a dining experience that would leave all five senses awe struck, and wondering what just hit them. For some diners this would be their first Graffeats experience. Others, Blair Warsham followers back for more culinary excitement.

The clatter of dishes and excitement flows out from the kitchen space followed by Blair and his wait staff with the first course who carry 3 plates at a time. Everyone is served and the first movie begins. Now the experience truly begins.

Additional credit in slide show: frame 1 and frame 23: Rory Hejtmanek

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