Revisiting The Metal Thieves (Part 2)

Today, while walking down Market Street in San Francisco, I met a character who I thought I would never meet again. In my previous post, ‘revisiting the metal thieves’ I revisited the metal thieves camp to find that none of the original residents were left. One had died and two had found their way back into prison.

Steve, pictured here, I met on Market street today. I barely recognized him. He remembered me and we took a moment to talk. He asked why I disappeared. The whole camp had wondered what happened to me. I asked him about the stories I had heard. He verified that buhdro, guy wearing glasses and plaid shirt in previous post, had in fact died. After asking if he knew anything he explained that buhdro had went over to a drug dealers house and took a hit of something that caused him to have a heart attack. The people in the house freaked out, not knowing what to do, and being close to water, they dumped his body.

The other steve, in fact went to jail for allegedly breaking into a garage. Steve no longer lives his old camp. He’s currently living on the streets.


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