Thank You For A Successful Opening

Thursday Night’s opening at the 625 Sutter Street Gallery in San Francisco was a complete success. We had a great turn out to see the 25 images and 3 multimedia movies. Along with friends, family, and the general public, Garrett and his family were present along with a doctor from Stanford’s Dermatology Department who works with Garrett. At one point the gallery was full of people, and held a steady flow for most of the evening. Over 12 of the 30 books were sold at the opening reception. Books are still available at the gallery and online at:

I want to thank Bill Malcolm for donating the 25 frames for the images, and Richard and Shirley Kennedy for donating the drinks and gallery food.

Also, I am planning a closing reception for the show. So if you missed the opening, here’s your opportunity to see the show. The closing is planned for a saturday or sunday near the end of November. Details to come.

It is my goal to put this show on the road, traveling to different cities to help spread awareness for EB. If you have gallery contacts, and/or connections, or are a gallery director and would be interested in exhibiting this show in your city please contact me. I am also looking for corporate or private underwriters to fund the cost of shipping the show. You can contact me via e-mail:

Thank you again everyone for making this a great opening.

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