Gallery installation complete

Last night I installed my gallery exhibit at the Academy of Art University’s 625 Sutter Street Gallery in San Francisco. Thanks to Shane for helping me install and put the polish on space. This was great experience hanging a show. It was a lot more than I expected. The good thing was that people are really excited about this show– seeing documentary photography in this space. Many people wanted to walk through and look, but I had to turn them away and invite them to come to the gallery reception, next thursday, Nov. 5. Once I put images in the gallery window many more people stopped to look and come in.

Everyone, please come to the November 5 opening reception. Show your support for documentary photography. If you’re a doc or photo J student, especially at the academy, it is very important you come out and support this show. Show the school how important work like this–and how important it is that the school supports this program. The more people demand it and show support, more likely we will see the school actually develop a real doc/photo J department, and offer more classes.

So come out, show your support, and see some photographs and multimedia.


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