The World of Negotiating

The next step in the process of finalizing my gallery exhibit next month was to approach the school and ask them to donate their 35% gallery commission fees on the blurb book sales made in the AAU (Academy Of Art University) galleries. I was never aware, until first signing the gallery contracts, that I was required to offer something for sale in the gallery that I was presenting. It had to be prints, framed art work, or books, etc. After researching this I learned that all the AAU galleries are non-profit. The profits gained from gallery sales benefit the AAU Student Scholarship Fund. Being that this was a fundraiser for The Spaulding family, and that Blurb, and myself were all ready donating our profits from the books to the cause, I approached the school to do the same. I spoke directly directly with the gallery director first. She told me that she alone could not make this decision. Only the president of the school could. She invited me to write a proposal. My proposal is posted below.

October 9, 2009

Dear Ms. Stephens,

Since my recent graduation from the Academy’s Masters program this summer, I have begun organizing a gallery exhibit to showcase my thesis work at the 625 Sutter Street Gallery to open in November 09. This gallery exhibit is not only an opportunity to showcase my documentary work to the public, it is also an opportunity to introduce the public to a rare, unpublicized genetic skin disorder.
As part of my gallery exhibit, my intention is to raise funds to help Garrett’s family pay for the $2000 worth of extra monthly medical expenses and bandaging supplies that aren’t covered under their current insurance plan. To accomplish this goal Blurb, Inc. has agreed to donate the production cost of (30) 40 page photo books containing over 60 images documenting my year-and-a-half long thesis project with Garrett and his family. These 30 books will be sold at the gallery for $20-$40 each, I have not set a final price yet, the proceeds being donated directly to the Spaulding family.
Ms. Stephens, both Blurb Inc., and I are donating our profits from the sales of these books to the Spaulding family. I am asking that the Academy do the same, and donate the 35% gallery commission from the sale of these books to Spaulding family as well. To compensate for the Academy’s donation, I will make the framed images available for sale in which the school can collect the 35% gallery commission fee.
Please consider my proposal, and let me know of your decision before the end of the month. The gallery reception where the books will be made available to the public is Thursday November 5th, 2009, from 530-730 pm. Garrett and his family will also be present at the opening.
Thank you very much for your consideration, I look forward to your response.

Yours truly,

Andre Hermann

I would hope that the school does the right thing and donates the book profits to the Spaulding Family. I am eagerly awaiting the President’s response.


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