Funding A Blurb Book (Part 5)

So after receiving Blurb’s response, see last post, I tried negotiating a little, $75 dollars I felt was too much to ask people to pay for a book. Especially since I was paying full cost for the book from Blurb, marking it up $10—to be donated to Garrett & his family, no profit on my part. So here’s my response followe dby theirs:

Hi Suzanne. Thank you for your response. Could Blurb participate with 100 books if I was to choose a more basic standard landscape premium paper softcover? If not, can I apply your proposal below to a standard landscape?



Hi Andre,
If you went for that different size, we could offer you 30 books. I will still offer you a code to make your proof book for free.

I would still encourage you to sell the books online at the venue and mark them up on price so you can fund your initiatives. I can still provide you a code for free shipping (as per below).



For what its worth, I understand Blurb’s position. I am very happy that they offered to help. They could have easily told me thanks but no thanks from the beginning. So with that I will accept.

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